モノがたくさんあふれる時代だからこそ、モノを大切にしたい... 古き時代からあるモノ、自分たちの着続けたいモノをカタチにしました。 着て身体に馴染み、色あせていくことで自分らしい色に変わっていく服、 着続けることが喜びとなる服。 福岡での生活を拠点にして生み出されるデザインを、日本各地、世界で製造しています。 着て洗うことでテキスタイルの表情や風合いの変化を楽しめる1着。 生地の変化と同時に服が自分の身体のラインに馴染む心地よさも感じてください。 In a society rooted in technological progression and cluttered with excess, it is more imperative than ever to care for the things that we hold near. Timeless things with historical relevance, things grown from generations past. We bring them to life and give them their shape. Through use we are able to transform them; molding their fibers and fine tuning their shade to compliment our individuality. Based in Fukuoka, Japan, our company designs and manufactures garments for an everyday lifestyle. With a focus on quality and comfort, we manufacture our clothing to compliment our customers -- sculpting each's subtle individuality through a textile transformation achieved by use over time. We manufacture our garments in Japan and abroad to compliment our customers.